April 13, 2014
Now i know why Unicorns spawn…they have some trouble with breeding -.-

Now i know why Unicorns spawn…they have some trouble with breeding -.-

March 23, 2014

bashkircurly asked: Hi! The "Camp G*psy" download is very nice but you should probably change the name of it as "G*psy" is a racial slur

Hello. I’m so sorry, i didn’t know that. English is not my mother language and i translated with dict.cc :-( and i fear it’s too late to change the name. i already submitted and it’s published at TSR. I’m really sad and sorry about that.

March 23, 2014

Camp Gypsy by the Sea

at TSR http://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/1237036

Here is the place where Verdantis children spend their Holidays.
The gypsies lived many years at this abadoned beach diner place but then they decided to carry on by houseboat to sail the seven seas.
City of Verdantis bought the lot and the carts and established the camp.

There is a large cart for the girls and the smaller one for the boys. Each has two single beds (you can change them in bunk beds for more children).
The ‘animal cart’ is for the camp supervisor. The children have always much fun watching her behind the grids. There is also a Bot loading station, because my camp supervisor is the bot Bobby MacGee. She has better „nerves“ than a human.
The diner ist still in use an has been extended with a karaoke machine for rainy days.
Behind the Diner is the house with the sanitary installations: two toilets and two bathtubs each in separate rooms.

Although the sea is not far away the children have many possibilities to spend their time at the camp:
a pond with funny coloured snails to catch, arcade games, TV and computers, an easel, a fireplace, karaoke, a tree house, an ice cream machine, a guitar, a chemistry and an alchemy station (the supervisor sometimes tries to find out to brew calming potions…) , chess, a crystal ball to tell the girls which boy is in love with them, a fortune cookie machine, telescope, frisbee, football, bicycles…

March 22, 2014

Guess my new WIP^^

March 16, 2014


dramatically romantic

An mediterranean Estate with two separate Buildings.

Romano is the last heir of the impoverished Montaguena familia and owner of this Estate. He has to rent out the second building and works as groundskeeper and cook for the lodgers.

Between the two buildings in the ruins of the old abbey lies a wonderful garden and a pool with statuettes around.
The Lodgers Building has the living room on groundfloor and the bedroom with balcony and bath upstairs. Above in the tower is a study and library and at the rooftop you can sit at a fireplace.

The kitchen and dining is in the other building where Romano lives. He has a small living room there on groundfloor too and his bath and bedroom upstairs. In the yard behind the kitchen he grows everything he needs for a good pasta.

Beautiful Giulia di Capuletti is the new lodger. Once their families were enemies.
Where will it all end?
A romantic dinner by candlelight or will one drawn the other in the pool?

(I’ll upload Gypsy next week, had a bit Problems with the lot -.-)

March 3, 2014

Two finished lots and i can’t decide which one to upload first…

Which one would you like first? Verona or Gypsy?

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March 3, 2014


Venus in a half shell

-only Island Paradise reqired
-CC free

DOWNLOAD at mediafire

Freedom! With this boathouse you can travel whereever you want and take all your belongings with you.
You’ll get 2 cabins, a galley, large decks with fireplace, bbq area, sundecks.

Have fun on the Venus Boathouse!

March 2, 2014


 a futuristic home

Those designers… created a oversize computer chip to live in!
Give it a try!
You’ll enter through a open hallway with a indoor garden that leads to the garden outside or left and right to the bath, kitchen+dining, living room and the toilet.
Upstairs you’ll find the two bedrooms with balcony and workplace each.
From the living area you can reach the whirlpool and sundeck and from the kitchen the BBQ and outdoor dining place.
There is also a fireplace, two car ports and several leisure activities like painting, chess and arcade games.

February 28, 2014

Finally i managed it to get the imaginary Friends Dolls as playable Sims! It took me longer than all the other playable creatures together ;-) They live at the Hippie Cart Camp at the beach together with their Friends. Now i have  Aliens, Unicorns, PlantSims, SimBots, Mermaids and the Dolls in my households.

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February 23, 2014

Tir Nani Ogg


 …when shall we three meet again?

A witches home, maybe even the home of the Diskworld witch Gytha “Nanny” Ogg and her ‘lovely’ cat Greebo?
The three roofs represent the three witches (hats): the crone (Esme/i hope she’ll never read this…) the mother (Gytha/15 children…) and the maiden (Magrat)
She’d find here everything a witch needs:
-a well stocked bar and a chest full of magic ingredients
-a sublime bath with a guitar to sing the hedgehog song
-a kitchen with kettles, magic books and a stuffed fridge
-a garden with mysterious mushrooms and herbs and a cozy toilet house
-cupboards with insects and botteled potions and a mirror to chat with
-many generous neighbours visiting, bringing presents and chat with her sitting at the snuggy outside living room or the fireplace while the daughters-in-law do the clean up and bring on the food
-a wine cellar to press your own scumble and a rack already full of bottles to taste